Professional Residential BBQ/Grill Cleaning & Repair Service

Disclaimer: Our grill cleaning technicians do not clean inside any cabinets, shelving, and/or drawers.

Our cleaning process does not remove of the following: Rust and Discoloration in the stainless steel.

When scheduling, please let us know if you are a veteran, police officer, or firefighter (active or retired). We offer a 5% discount on cleanings for those who served and are serving our nation. Thank you for keeping us safe!

Our Referral Program

Bought a new grill and need someone to install it or assemble it for you? Need your Propane Grill to be converted to Natural Gas? We can help!

We offer:

  • Built-in grill installations 

  • Grill Assembly

  • Gas Conversions (Propane to Natural Gas and Natural Gas to Propane)

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Sign up for scheduled cleanings!

  • Annual-             5% discount per cleaning

  • Semi-Annual-  10% discount per cleaning 

  • ​Tri-Annual-      15% discount per cleaning 

  • Quarterly-        20% discount per cleaning 

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Our Scheduled Cleaning Program




 We Can Fix Your Burners!

  • Are your BBQ burners not heating correctly?

  • Is your food being cooked unevenly?

  • Do your Burners look like the top two pictures shown below?

  • Do you think your burners need to be replaced?

We have some Good News!! We Also Offer a Burner Restoration Service (Additional Fees apply for this service)

During our burner restoration process we open all orifices of the burners and clear away corrosion, leaving your burners in full working order again, without replacing them!

We Support our Veterans

Let Us Give Back to You!

  • Our Referral Program guarantees $25 off your next BBQ cleaning for every person that you refer (person must make an appointment for a cleaning).
  • This Referral program has no restrictions!
  • The more people that you refer us to, the less you have to pay for your next cleaning.
  • Spread the word about My Grill Guy and you could earn yourself a FREE BBQ Cleaning!! 

Help Your Friends, Family, and Neighbors bring their BBQ's back to their original beauty by telling them about My Grill Guy.

Our Professional Grill Cleaning Process Includes:

Deep Clean Steam Bath of the following items:

  • ​Grill Racks

  • Flavorizer Bars

  • ​Heat Plates​

Complete Inspection of the following parts:

  • Igniters

  • ​Pressure Regulator

  • Burners

A thorough degreasing of the following areas:

  • Hood

  • Burners

  • Wire Catch Pan

  • Thermometer

  • Igniters

  • Pull Out Trays

  • Drip Pans

  • Rotisserie Racks

  • Control Knobs

My Grill Guy provides professional residential grill cleaning and repair service to the Northern Fort Worth, Texas area. We also perform grill installations, gas conversions, and assembly of grills. After every completion of a grill cleaning, our technicians do a full inspection. We guarantee customer satisfaction and work hard towards keeping our customers happy!

My Grill Guy is dedicated to making your outdoor grilling experience clean and enjoyable for both you and your loved ones.
Cleaning your BBQ can be time consuming, frustrating and can get you filthy. Allow My Grill Guy to give you back your time, sanity and cleanliness by providing you with top notch grill cleaning services. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction


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