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  • Comment: I cannot say enough good things about this company. I am speaking because of the excellent job, and value I received from the company. They were referred to me by a very good friend. He is quite particular, and can be demanding if things don’t suit him. He gave me a raving review of them over the phone.
    I had a grill that was completely rusted out, on the inside. It was a $2800 grill, new. At the time I bought the home, I’d say the grill was about four years old. I was surprised it was in such bad shape. I found the Model number and attempted to order parts, but was told that the company no longer made that Model. I was thinking that I would have to buy a new grill, and wasn’t enthused about that. That’s when I called my friend for some ideas.
    I went online, set an appointment, and MyGrillGuy called me the next morning. They set an appointment for 10:00 am the following day. I set my alarm in my cell phone for that same time to remind me. At EXACTLY the same moment my cell phone alarm went off, my door-bell rang!! It was Roy, from MyGrillGuy for our 10:00 appointment. To say I was impressed is an understatement. They completely rebuilt my grill for $550. It’s NEVER operated like this since I’ve owned it. The workmanship, the value, the communication, and the professionalism of everyone I have come in contact with has been extraordinary. I dealt with Mike, (the job co-ordinator), Josh (the Owner), and Roy (the technician). I’ve signed up to have them do an annual cleaning, and am darn glad I did, and YOU will be, too!
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