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  • Comment: This is the second time I've left a review for My Grill Guy but probably the 5th or 6th time I've used them.
    Their work is top-notch. My grill, inside and out, looks like it is almost new.
    I called to tell them how much I appreciate their first-rate work. I also mentioned that I needed some grill stones (or whatever they're called) and that my grill wasn't seeming to heat up as usual. I expected a call back, make another appt and see what they could do. Throughout the day I didn't hear back from them. When I got home I asked my wife if she heard from them. She said they came back out, the same day, after cleaning my grill. They sold me the grill stones AND replaced the hose from my propane tank to my grill.
    The do exceptional work, to be sure. But this kind of customer service is unbelievable. They are a company with integrity and are committed to getting the job done right, and then they do more.
    Anyone who uses another company to service their grill is just silly. My Grill Guy is the very best in the business!!
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